"Amira is one of those magical performers who lights up the room when she dances. Natural grace and skills in several different types of dance make her shows a joy to watch—fascinating and full of variety. She can be elegant, poignant, full of joy, or cheeky and mischievous, depending on the music and the mood of the audience. Whatever her style or mood, she is always exciting to watch."

~Latifa, professional dancer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance.
Amira is a charismatic and elegant American-Egyptian style bellydancer based in beautiful Annapolis Maryland! A captivating performer, she brings grace, fun, and good humor to any gathering. From the restaurant show, to the stage, to your next party, she will delight you with her dancing and charm!

Amira has performed in shows and benefits at many area restaurants such as the Casablanca, Hellas, Café Spice, Sizzling Bombay, and the Mosaic Cafe, and has performed in professional shows at the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Auditorium at the Baltimore Museum of Art and other venues. In addition to her solo dancing, she is a senior member of Latifa’s professional Middle Eastern Dance Troupe, Banat al-Beled, with whom she performs not only various styles of bellydance, but also authentically-researched folk dances from the Middle East and North Africa. Her knowledge and understanding of Middle Eastern dances and culture bring an additional depth to her performances.

Amira's expressive, dynamic dance style and playful personality captures the warmth and beauty that is bellydance, something she loves to share with all her audiences. Experience the joy of bellydance with Amira today!